Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I take requests

Mark left this comment earlier today: "Hearing about what people are eating is okay. But one thing I'd really like to hear on this blog from time to time is more advice about what people should eat--that is, should want to eat. And if somehow you were able to compare certain foods to certain poets, that would only be icing on the cake, as it were."

I aim to please and was probably going to dictate your grocery list anyway, so first the easy part. Things you should eat:
  • Less meat, douchebag.
  • Eggs poached in tomato sauce AKA "eggs in purgatory."
  • Pastured eggs, if you're rich or live on a farm. They're like twice as nutritious, and have a taste.
  • Chopped up eggplant and canned tomatoes w/ whole garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, salt, and olive oil (don't be stingy), roasted for an hour. Good on crackers or tossed with pasta.
  • Salt & vinegar potato salad.
  • Arugula and bread salad w/ mustard caper vinaigrette.
  • Bread salad in general. Chris Tonelli's wife has the best recipe.
  • Champagne mangoes, the superior mango.
  • Persian cucumbers.
  • Fermented foods, e.g., pickled vegetables and yogurt (not together). Not crappy American yogurt either.
  • Chocolate chips and dried cranberries (together). Add almonds or whatever if you're a trail mix purist.
This list will be updated frequently.

Now, for poet-food comparisons, the A edition.

Anne Carson is like stuffed grape leaves. Simple, classic, and yet, not really for kids, for whom leaves, like crusts, are best neatly disposed of.

It's really hard to find an appetizing image of grape leaves. They're better than they look.

August Kleinzahler is like sausage. Men like to brag about how much sausage they ate; male poets read Kleinzahler and are similarly self-impressed.

On the other hand, almost any image of sausage will do.

Adam Clay is something kind of "classy" and well-liked and not too heavy. Sushi maybe? Or like a canapé or cocktail snack, like a cheese puff or an asparagus spear you dip in herbed mayonnaise. Something like that.

[image removed at owner's request]

I just realized I'm doing this backwards. Mark asked me to compare foods to poets, not the other way around.

Probably not to be continued in any case. That made me feel kind of racist.


  1. Talking about mayonnaise always feels uncomfortable.

  2. ah here you are, you tasty morsel! i have found you out. now i can read you. (if i ever blog again, i need your permission to call my blog "pre-benjamin: runes, contrails and skidmarks.")

  3. This post has showed me another connection between poets and food: they both look much better in life than in pictures.

  4. Related, but definitely on the other end of the spectrum:

  5. Please can you remove my image (salmon canapes), you have hot-linked it which is stealing bandwidth. Thank you, Christie.