Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend: Exhibit A

This picture was supposed to look old-timey (pipe, rotary phone) but pretty much looks like classic John with a 10-day "beard," no? Setting: The Cotters' beach house in Waterford, CT. Photo credit: Shafer "Tipsy" Hall.


  1. well, there's plenty more beard concealed by the phone ... unfair to judge without seeing that, I think... --JC

  2. Basically, I spent my entire senior year of high school wearing John's shirt (as cribbed from my dad's closet). There is photographic evidence of this, but I am not up to unearthing it from its basement storehouse at this time. Also I had crazy giant purple plastic-framed glasses. That is all.

  3. in the small version of the pic, i missed the pipe on first glance, and i definitely couldn't tell the phone was rotary.