Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Software is amazing

I was dreading setting up a blogroll because I literally read hundreds of blogs. I didn't want a Silliman-style list that takes ages to scroll down, but nor did I want to pick and choose favorites. Also, the last time I set up a Blogger blog, I had to cut and paste the names and URLs into a little window and it took forever/was generally a pain. Now you can just import your blogs from Google Reader! YAY! Also I set it up so only the ten most recently updated show. Hell to the yes, is it possible that craptastic free blogging software is improving marginally over time? I'm willing to entertain the idea.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this, I refreshed my browser and the post disappeared.


  1. Reading "hundreds of blogs" is prima facie ridiculous. What does prima facie mean?

  2. On the face of it, at first glance. So you imply that upon deeper reflection, it's perfectly sensical.

  3. It is prima facie, as well as post facie, absurd.

  4. I've just added your blog to my blog roll, Elisa, and I did it the old-fashioned 2006 blogger way. Remember 2006? Before tableware had been invented? What a pain to have to eat everything by hand. I'm really pleased with this new invention called the sandwich though, which really is less messy. First tried it in October 07 and now I eat several a week. Seriously.

    Anyway, great to see you bloggling, free of the fetters of anybody else's conception of what you should be doing. I do like the pshares blog and hope it continues, although without you it just won't be the same even if it does.

    Welcome to the indies!

  5. If you liked sandwiches (old man), you'll love Sandwich Spray!

    I see you have coined a very useful new term, perhaps accidentally: bloggling. Blogging that boggles one's mind.