Monday, June 15, 2009

I had a very good weekend

Some of my favorite poet people came to Boston this Saturday. Some of them read good poems in a gallery, e.g. Julia, like a doll on behalf of itself:

Julia Cohen
Also Justin, getting immense pleasure out of reading his sent emails:

Justin Marks
Some of them just drank a lot and exposed themselves. That was equally satisfying.

These are my knees:

Aren't they hot?

Not pictured: Sam, Paige, Mathias, Heather, Janaka, Brian, Chris, Kim, Mary, Jeremiah (who hates me), Cindy, Julia's shoes, the guy Chris stabbed with a live cat, the girl with the mustache shirt, the martini glasses we sorely misused, skulls in assorted sizes, vomit, Corey Feldman, etc.


  1. that cat actually was like, can you just hold me up i have something to say to that dude. so i was just trying to help, and the cat flipped for no apparent reason and gave him a little claws-extended love-pat on the decolletage. it was pretty raw, but totally not my fault. pussy left a claw hanging in the man's chest.

  2. can I just step in for a moment to take credit for the phrase, "Stabbed with a cat"? I'll be happy to back out so long as we're clear on le genie ...