Thursday, September 3, 2009


Consistently the best part of my day during the week occurs around 11 p.m., when I have to go to bed in order to get eight hours of sleep; John generally stays up later reading or watching Bulgarian bootlegs of current box-office movies. But he always comes into the bedroom to kiss me goodnight and usually spends about five minutes lying next to me and petting me like a cat.

Here's a graph of my endorphin spikes during the day:

The local maxima are meal-times, with small spikes occurring when I read something really interesting online or do something particularly engaging at work. The big peak at the end is cuddle time. (Sorry that kind of looks like the skyline of a futuristic slum.)

I don't hear single people complain about being hard up for cuddling, but it seems like it's at least as important as sex.

No spike for me tonight; John's home in Connecticut for a couple of days. I guess the best part of my day today was buying some shoes, though picking out comfortable flats to wear to work at DSW is hardly the most luxurious of consumer experiences. Living in Boston, a walking city with four very weathery seasons, my shoes only last a year or two tops, unless I never wear them, which would only be the case if they turn out to hurt like shit. I hate when something wears out before I'm sick of it. Which can take a long time. I have some clothes I've been wearing since high school. Not jeans though. Jeans, and asses, age fast.

Has my blogging been too "personal" lately? Remember, I take requests.

P.S. I once had a big argument with Steve Breyak, a writer I went to grad school with, about the gender of the Snuggle bear. I mean, duh, right? It's a guy!

P.S. Just to clarify, I bought the shoes at DSW. I don't work there.


  1. "I don't hear single people complain about being hard up for cuddling..."

    that's because we're too embarrassed to talk about it... ;)

  2. Presented without comment: Per Wikipedia, Micky Dolenz is the voice of the Snuggle bear.

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  4. First, the Snuggle bear is clearly a boy, and clearly far more disturbing than cute. If he were to materialize out of nowhere as appears to be his m.o. while I was doing laundry alone in the basement of our apartment building, I would get really nervous, and would have to struggle not to reach for a broom to fend him off, vermin-style.

    Next, the blog has not been too personal, lately; it's been personal like a smart lyric essay.

  5. KR: I like how you used the word "struggle" for the rhyme.

    Matt: In your profile pics, you eerily resemble said Steve Breyak, to the point that you've sort of melded in my mind. ("Just sayin'")

  6. i'm afraid steve breyak will have to wait for someone to agree with him--who could forget snuggle bear's dulcet tenor?

  7. Hey EG, thanks for noticing the "music" in my blog comment. Matt, you really DO look eerily like Steve B.

  8. Scary that I should find this post, my doppleganger, and a conspiracy nest trying to strip Snuggle of his/her gender.

    I'm really happy to remember one of our weird arguments from the old days, Elisa. But to dip back in, I'm starting to see Snuggle as riding that tran-train. I mean, why do we have to label him? Be casue s/he is a bear and there for masculine. I think we should let the scary talking teddy live the way s/he wants to live.

    I'll be sure to come by more often, read and be very afraid.

  9. I'm surprised I took the girl side of the argument actually. It does seem that he's a boy now, then again I haven't seen much of Snuggle in the last few... Maybe I was going to the whole crossfire, point-counterpoint, luxury degree thing. Whatever it was, I remember the whole thing being alot of fun. Then again, I might be one of the few people out there that find big arguments over fabric softeners enjoyable.