Monday, September 14, 2009

Things I've been thinking about lately

* How much I indulge in high-definition nostalgia -- remembering periods of my life in excruciating detail, which makes me quite sad, mostly because I start to miss the people I used to spend time with and can't anymore because we have different lives. As sad as it makes me, I won't and don't want to stop doing it.

* How much older I feel, both mentally and physically, than I did a couple of years ago. I can't decide if it's real -- 2009 has been an unusually stressful year for me and stress really manifests in my body and well-being -- or if it's just the fact that I'm turning 30 in November. I keep going back and forth. Does the number itself bother me more than I'm willing to admit to myself? Am I imagining myself older or worse, willing myself older? Does everybody actually get noticeably older at 30? I have started to invest more in skin products.

* How dreadful the medical industry is, this instinct to throw medicine at the problem. When medicine doesn't really correlate strongly with health. I like my doctor very much, but whenever I complain about some new ailment, she urges me to take vitamins. This irritates me. I don't really believe in isolating nutrients from food, and nearly all the food I eat is vitamin-rich/non-processed. I spend a fair amount of money on groceries in order to eat well, why should I have to spend yet more money on supplements? Especially when there's little to no evidence that they do anything. I'm not interested in treatments, I'm interested in causes. We seem in the end to know very little about causes. I am also very irritated at the amount I pay for insurance, when I still have to pay for basic treatments.

* Is my anxiety about getting old just displaced fear of my mother dying? I don't want my dad to die either, but my mother's health is far more precarious.

* Have I become a major downer lately?

* Fall clothes: I want to buy them.


  1. Well, my hairline's receding, that's my two cents.

    What are some good fall clothing tidbits?

  2. Plaid continues to be "big" for fall. Bomber jackets. Military jackets. Booties, still, plus over-the-knee boots. Distressed jeans. Scarves, still. Tights, still. Vests, still. Frankly I'm not sure what the big new thing is or if there is one. A comfort food kind of fashion this year?

  3. buying a cool new item of clothing cures all ills!

  4. allan, sometimes i worry i'm receding too! glad i'm not the only one who's being paranoid.

  5. you want to talk old? I was staring long and hard at a $185 cardigan on newbury street the other day.

  6. what's so old about that don't the young hipsters love their cardis?

    the new purchase high only last so long then you want to buy something else to "go with it"