Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't ever stay the same; keep changing

My second chapbook with Kathy Rooney, Don't ever stay the same; keep changing, is now available from Spooky Girlfriend Press!

It's only $5, and it's very lovely. Carrie Scanga is responsible for the lovely cover art, and Nate Logan is responsible for the rest of the loveliness. (Well, not the poems. We wrote those.)

As the cover suggests, it's a bit more wistful than Something Really Wonderful. We hope you like it. We hope Chuck Klosterman likes it too. We're going to send him a copy.


I think it's good to have a couple of blog templates (a la "I like So & So a lot") lying around for those times when you feel like blogging but the muse took a powder. Today at the gym I was trying to figure out which would make a better template: X Is Hilarious (as in "Twitter is hilarious" or "My friends are hilarious") or My Friends Are X (as in "My friends are hilarious" or "My friends are idiots").

The gym is an idiot. I watch cooking shows and then I want to recoup whatever calories I just burned in the form of animal flesh. I haven't eaten beef, pork or chicken (or whatever lesser game meats, geez) in almost five years, not counting trace amounts. I wonder what would happen if I just ate a whole burger? Could it kill me? Pictures of food are evil. They are far more appetizing than actual food. Strange, considering that actual food has olfaction on its side.


  1. Don't do it! Think: Brussel sprouts. They are not idiots.

  2. Meat is the new black is the new thirty

  3. Brussels sprouts are nature's meatballs.

  4. I'm going to send Patton Oswalt a copy of my next book/chapbook because I stole one of the titles from him, and he seems like he'd actually be approachable about something like that.

  5. I don't have 5 dollars to spare. I think you would do well to periodically remind us of the chapbook, because 5 dollars is not that hard to come by, but I have the virtual memory of a goldfish.

    I heard a comedian once who noted that vegetarianism makes a person weak, because they can no longer physically handle meat (beef broth makes them vomit, etc). Although I think it's interesting to wonder if eating meat isn't more like getting used to drinking Mexico's water.

    In which case, you should probably only eat a whole hamburger if all your friends are drunk and egging you on with a monetary bet. Because that's similarly the only time I'd suggest purposely drinking Mexico's water.

  6. I don't think I could really do it. Eat a whole burger that is. I think guilt would kick in. I sometimes eat meat in my dreams and even that makes me feel guilty.

    I'll try to bring the chappy up again ... but I'm sometimes slack about the self-promotion stuff.

  7. Yeah we can see Chuck actually reading it too. Not that that will have any value beyond itself.

  8. Really great about the chapbook. Wistful, huh? New poems? Ones I haven't seen?

  9. Hmm, probably most of them would be new to you? A few are coming out in the new Area Sneaks. About half of them are published around but you may not have run across them.