Monday, October 5, 2009

The Final Countdown

Just a quickie: Matt Bell interviewed Kathy and I for the Collagist blog; we talked about what are aubades and shit. (Search me.)

I'm writing this from our new office space, the views from which are kind of "the jam." We're on the 16th floor of an isolated tower in central Boston, which means I can pretty much see everything. I'm pretty much God.

Also: Irwin, our designer, is putting the finishing touches on the next issue of Absent, and it's looking gorgeous. Stay tuned.

Also: If you're local, I urge you go to the Topsfield Fair, which is running through the 12th, and ride the Gravitron to experience a super-cool installation piece by Chris Tonelli and Andi Sutton.

Also: I realized yesterday my birthday is less than a month away. Anything I must do before I'm 30? Like maybe 30 is the cutoff point for wearing baby barrettes? Let me know in the comments.


  1. 30 is the absolute cutoff for starting a career as a rock musician. after 30 the only instrument you can start playing with any dignity is the didgeridoo.

  2. yes, the didgeridoo has dignity at any age.

  3. I assume the "interviewed Kathy and I" is some snub directed at stuck up English prescriptivists?

  4. No. I'm just retarded. Kathy and ME, okay? Sheesh.

  5. this post reminds of michael jackson's song "jam" w Kris Kross video

  6. What's the deal with this Seth guy? Is he some kind of blog-roving grammar manual bot?