Thursday, October 15, 2009

I like Chris Nealon a lot*

Reading Chris Nealon is like walking the city with an almost-friend whose passing comments are endlessly fascinating--a bit droll, a bit brilliant, a bit tragically hip. Each line is somewhere between a throwaway and a mini-essay that attempts to describe the state of affairs: the scene, the soundtrack, the feeling. It's very zeitgeisty. I don't know why he isn't more famous.

I was going to write a real review of Plummet, his recent book out from Edge, but then I decided I didn't want to analyze it too much. I just wanted to read it.

Some sample lines:
I seriously have a mind of winter

Classicism: build your buildings so that even conquering hordes will be like, No way

Writing may be lame for depicting faces, but photographs are really bad at conveying smell

I know prose is a mighty instrument but still I feel that plein-air lyric need to capture horses moving

The now grins creepily at you

Hi, this is the riot act? Hi.
*Title template stolen from HTMLGIANT.

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  1. "*Title template stolen from HTMLGIANT"

    I almost wish that were part of the poem.