Tuesday, November 17, 2009


  • Actually, Lauren Bans, they only kiss in "the basement" (the boiler room) in one episode, though they kiss in his car and her kitchen in others, and it's Angela, not Jordan, who says "Your cuticles look like little moons."
  • The always fair, insightful and eloquent Martin Seay has started a blog.
  • I'm reading Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse by Darcie Dennigan. I learned from the intro I'd been mispronouncing the title in my head.
  • I want to contribute to Reb's Best Poetry Books of 2009 thing, but there are so many books from 2009 that I haven't read yet, many of which I suspect are among "the best," and I'd feel like a shit for leaving them off. Some of my favorites of the ones I've read are those I'm reviewed or mentioned on this blog: Maggie Nelson's Bluets, Chris Nealon's Plummet, Poemland by Chelsey Minnis.
  • I've been obsessing about blurbs, which feels unspeakably lame. There, I spoke it.
  • I dreamt that I realized soymilk was the cause of all my health problems, and that I ate a hamburger. Why is my mind/brain duality suddenly crying out for cow-derived products?
  • A Serious Man was seriously boring and pointless. Haven't there already been like 15 movies about how bad things happen to mediocre people? The largely glowing reviews baffle me. I guess the Coen Brothers have reached the point of unassailability, if they hadn't already. I have the feeling that critics fear admitting boredom lest readers suspect they just "didn't get it" or prefer shoot-'em-ups. But look, people, there are objectively "boring" movies that are still good. Like Barry Lyndon. I don't care if they "subvert the audience's expectations" (which they obviously don't anymore), tedium and lack of closure for their own sake do not good cinema make.
  • Just one of the great things about turning 30: More inexplicable bad moods!


  1. i haven't read any poetry books from 2009

  2. people should take a year off in 2010. nobody publish anything. take a breather and let people catch up.

  3. Just discovered your blog (via Andrew Sullivan). I'm very pleased to know that someone else in this country liked "Barry Lyndon."