Saturday, December 5, 2009

Save this kitten

This is Mr. Tux.

Mr. Tux the Kitten

We're trying to save Mr. Tux. A couple weeks back I blogged about finding him dumpster-diving, basically, in Jackson Square. We took him to the nearby shelter, which has an excellent reputation, and they assured us he'd be taken care of, so we felt very saintly about the whole thing.

Well turns out the jerks at the shelter meant he'd be taken care of. They put him in the wrong cage and exposed him to feline leukemia (which is communicable), and now they're basically threatening to put him down if we don't find a home for him fast. It's like a goddamn hostage situation.

Mr. Tux is not a mean street cat; he's quiet and shy but very sweet. The only problem is that he might have fucking cancer! Apparently they can't really test for it definitively for another six months. So in the meantime he shouldn't be around other cats, just in case. And he may need a little extra care and attention.

If you live in or near Boston and know anyone who would be willing to adopt or foster this cat (they apparently provide food and other supplies if you agree to foster in the short term; if, after six months, he tests negative for leukemia, he should be much easier to adopt out), please let me know! We feel very invested in this little tyke. We are both quite allergic to cats or we'd take him in ourselves.


  1. This is so sad and tragic. I hope he can find a foster- or long-term home. You are wonderful for trying so hard to help him.

  2. Thanks, Dana! We're working on it.

  3. have you posted this on craigslist's pets section? with those eyes, he would find a home in no time...would take him myself if he could be around other cats...

  4. I think we may have found a taker! If that falls through and all else fails, we'll totally do that.

  5. Elisa, this is KILLING me. I have two already or i would. Tell me this was not Animal Rescue LEague? Was it MSPCA? grrrr

  6. It was MSPCA/Angell Memorial, which has such a great reputation. Grrrrr.

    We have found that almost everyone we know who sympathizes with our plight already has cats. It's such a crappy situation!