Sunday, January 10, 2010

Literary Death Match: 1/13/10

I'm reading this Wednesday in Opium's Literary Death Match series, representing Open Letters (which, by the way, has a flashy new design). Come out and see me? I'm a bit nervous; the structure is such than one can lose! Or at least, not win.

Here are the details from LDM's website:

After a stirring (and noisy) debut last April, Opium returns to Boston with a talent-rich lineup to heat up icy New England. The fundraising event doubles as the launch of Opium9: The Mania Issue. See readers Elisa Gabbert (Thanks for Sending the Engine) representing Open Letters, Steven Brykman (Four Stories), Janaka Stucky (Handsome) and Michelle Hoover (Night Train)!

Plus, brilliant judges Billy Giraldi (senior fiction editor of AGNI), comedian Lamont Price and one-lady-band Audrey Ryan!

Hosted by Opium founding editor Todd Zuniga.

When: Doors at 7, show at 8:05 (sharp), afterparty: 9:30 at Enormous Room.
Where: Enormous Room, 569 Massachusetts Avenue (map)
Cost: $10 (the first 35 guests will receive a free copy of Opium9: The Mania Issue)


  1. Good luck, Elisa. But don't die in this death match. It's not worth it.

  2. I'll be there, routing for you! I'll intervene if it looks like you might actually die.

  3. Thanks, Chip. That makes me feel better.

  4. Just keep in mind, if you die in the Literary Death Match, you will be rewarded in Paradise with 72 contributor's copies.

    Have you seen one of these things go down before, or are you going into this blind? The LDM folks grade heavily on "intangibles," just FYI . . .

  5. Do you mean boobs? Oh wait, those are tangible.

    I watched a couple vids, but they were brief clips. I haven't seen a full LDM.

    Maybe I should just hope I lose so I don't have to go back up for round 2.