Monday, March 29, 2010

Brief interlude into superficiality

(Like it wasn't superficial before.) Ren, the hipster handpicked by Tyra on this season of America's Next Top Model, keeps whining about all the "drama" in the ANTM house and crying in the confessional about how she was happier when she was poor and it's just not worth sacrificing her sanity or her happiness for this! It's the second episode people*. All of which pretty much makes her the most dramatic bitch in the house. Also, as has been pointed out elsewhere, she looks a little like Elyse from the first cycle. Tatiana reminds me of the girl who won that season, Adrianne. Are these contestants computer-generated? Are they recycling face material? Another one, a redhead named Brenda, looks alarmingly like an '80s video girl. I don't like anyone yet. Where's my Nicole/Heather?

*I'm behind an ep.

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