Saturday, March 6, 2010

I remember when Claire Danes was kinda-sorta counter-culture

Every time I see a (recent) picture of Claire Danes I feel annoyed. Her get-up always screams "insecure and trying too hard!" It's like one day she got tired of being the flat-chested girl and decided to dye her hair blonde and look as conventional as possible.

Her career choices have been really disappointing as well. She leaves me no choice but to conclude that My So-Called Life, one of the best shows ever, was a total fluke.

Why am I blogging about this?


  1. a classic case of scarlett johansson syndrome (SJS)

  2. You know, ScarJo has been skanking it up for so long, I totally forgot she used to be cute 'n' quirky.

  3. it's like, when her character in ghost world started to go mainstream, the actress went right along with her. eerie...

  4. This has always been my favorite picture of Claire, with a short red bob and her blue sweater and skirt outfit:
    It seems very her. But I know what you mean about the post-So-Called-Life disappointment.
    At least she worked on an independent HBO film - that "Temple Grandin" thing. It seems kind of strange and good.

  5. I liked the bob too. I'm pro-bob.

  6. I like her as Sookie Sapperstein in Igby Goes Down .

    I also love that character name.

    I'm pro-bob all around.

    Not so much pro-Bob.

    I think My So-Called-Life was a fluke in a lot of ways.

    It stumbled on the perfect tone, among other hair.

    It's one of my favorite flukes in the history of television.

  7. She played a pretty decent Juliet to Leonardo DiCaprio's Romeo.

  8. Check out Claire Danes' performance in the title role of HBO's "Temple Grandin." She was damn good in that. I think she established herself with that role and she'll win an Emmy for it next year.

  9. maybe the desire for conventional looks is like political conservatism or cheesy hollywood romcoms, it's inevitable with age

  10. Heh, it's important to shed light on important issues like this on one's blog. I enjoyed it. I used to like Claire Danes but now just try to pretend that she doesn't exist. Which is hard when there are pictures of her everywhere, all sparkly.

    But I *am* curious about 'Temple Grandin.'

    Similarly with Scarlett Johansson; knew it was all downhill after Ghost World when I saw her slinking about and pouting sexily, and not doing much else, in Match Point. (But whatever happened to Thora Birch?)


  11. Match Point was when I knew I hated ScarJo. She was playing a *bad actress* and could barely pull it off.

    I remember Thora Birch from WAY back when. She was the little girl in All I Want for Christmas, a cheesy xmas movie; Lauren Bacall played her grandmother.

  12. hah! blonde conventional? nein, i sink not! and if i'm not mistaken, you are a bottle blond.

    honestly i don't get this blog post.

    plus, what you mean by conventional? while i think clair danes has always been a pile of meh-whocares, unusual doesn't necessarily mean beautiful. sometimes it means freaky.

  13. If you think Claire Danes is a pile of meh-whocares, why are you searching for images of her and commenting on blog posts about her from March?

    I'm actually curious. Your mindset eludes me. I am baffled.

  14. Clare Danes in the HBO movie Temple Grandin is fabulous. Goes against this post totally.