Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My wardrobe's greatest hits

Inspired by a post on Garance Dore and a regular feature in Lucky. Fair warning: This is a fashion post. Poetry-free zone.

My basics/favorites/go-to items and outfits:
  • Tights. Black tights with anything (including shorts), colors and patterns as permissable. I can only go bare-legged during the literal summer up here; if the temp falls below 60 my legs get all blotchy and goosebumped.
  • Flats, preferably colorful/distinctive. I had a great pair of pink tweed flats with a big button on the toe a few years ago but I wore them until the soles cracked. My current favorites are red faux-reptilian, with rubber soles for more durability. I walk too much in Boston to wear heels except for special occasions.
  • Black turtlenecks. Good for accentuating the jawline, good for layering, good for pairing with skirts/pants that don't match anything else. I buy these over and over since black clothes never stay black.
  • Mixed patterns. My favorite outfits almost always involve more than one pattern.
  • Shirtdresses.
  • My gray sweater vest from H&M. It's very lightweight and goes with almost anything.
  • Scoopnecks and v-necks for tops, if they're not turtleneck. Crewnecks just accentuate my flat-chestedness.
  • A bias-cut, drawstring black linen skirt I got in Rome, which goes with everything and will fit forever. Also, it can't be all linen because it never wrinkles.
  • Slouchy hobo bags. I always buy this style of bag, even though the lack of structure means the innards are perpetually a disorganized mess. The straps have to be long enough to carry over my shoulder. I can't do that crook of the forearm thing.

My current obsessions:
  • Perfume, obvs. All-consuming. I'm not matchy-matchy in general but I like my perfume to match my outfit, insofar as that makes sense.
  • My new aviator sunglasses. I've probably tried on 50 pairs of aviator shades over the past five years or so and only recently found some that actually work on my face. Also, they are rose-colo(u)red. Slight drawback: I can't store them on my head without pulling my hair out.
  • Very dark navy cords in the skinny style.
  • A little blue corduroy jacket with military details and knit cuffs. I can't buy enough little jackets.
  • A floral print shell with an asymmetrical neckline.
  • A bright red dress from Target.
  • A short, full skirt with pockets, in a very girly shape but un-girly color (slate gray), which I haven't had a chance to wear yet.
  • Ponytails. Up high like I rocked it in high school. My hair is finally long enough to do this again. I give myself a year before I chop it all off.

Things I need to work on or work out:
  • Belts. I buy belts, I like belts, but I either forget to put them on or don't think they look right or feel like I can't breathe.
  • I need a trenchcoat. I've known this for years but haven't purchased one. It's hard to find one that doesn't look too big on me, isn't $200+ and is in a nice color. I don't really like that ubiquitous khaki shade. Ideally, I'd like a navy trench with a hint of sheen.
  • The "dress your age" question. Do I dress my age? Do I care?


  1. Not gonna lie. I'm pretty excited about that slate grey skirt.

  2. That's right! Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

  3. I myself enjoy scents, but what about those who can't abide the 'fumes, based on health? Out in these parts, there are sometimes notices advising that scents (heightened, as by perfumes) must stay away. I can see the point: unlike other adornments / fashions, the putting out into the world of a particular smell or scent or odor can impact others in ways that wearing certain clothes cannot.

  4. I read that Detroit recently banned the use of perfume and other scented products in offices, or maybe just for city/state workers, due to a lawsuit.

    I don't wear so much perfume that it would trigger anyone's allergies, I'm pretty sure. I'd be devastated if perfume was banned in my office. I like to smell perfume all day the way some people like to listen to music while they work.

    Also, I'm allergic to cats and dogs and people bring them on trains/planes, into bars, etc. So I've sort of come to terms with a certain lack of control in terms of exposure to potentially offensive elements when one leaves one's house.

  5. black turtlenecks accentuate the jawline... huh never considered that. i just think steve jobs.

    i don't get the aviator sunglasses thing, when did that become the big-time/default?

    i dunno man i think a trenchcoat will be tough for you. def not the khaki kind. you're gonna need some kind of unique/special-issue thing b/c i don't picture the usual thing looking right. of course this makes your trench a big opportunity for innovation and distinctiveness!

  6. That's the thing: I think navy + sheen would really turn the whole trench thing on its head!