Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick hits

* Bill Walsh interviewed me and Kathy for the Kenyon Review blog. We answered his questions collaboratively. So you do not know who said what, ha ha! End mischievous accent.

* In other collaborative news, we have poems in the latest issues of Artifice (and the super-special illustrated edition!) and Pank (online and print).

* Birds LLC will have a web presence very soon.

* I've got a poem in the new Puerto del Sol and some v. new stuff forthcoming in a future Denver Quarterly. I think that's it. I need to send out some damn subs.

* Sorry for all that unseemly self-promotion. What else is happening? I made gluten-free lasagna. I can't believe it's not gluten!

* I went perfume shopping with Gillian and miraculously didn't buy anything. I mostly offered consulting services. She ended up with Gris Clair by Serge Lutens, a total perfume snob line, but she is also going to purchase Lolita Lempicka, so she can vacillate between sophisticated-ineffable and loud-trashy. I feel very satisfied with her choices.

* I don't support the prescribed gender lines in fragrance, but nonetheless, I find I gravitate toward superficially "feminine" scents, as in, those marketed as such. Sue me.


  1. I've been gluten-free for about two weeks, so I'd love to hear about the noodles/process for gluten-free lasagna!

  2. Hi Jeannine! I've tried several gluten-free pastas and they are really pretty good. (I can't say the same for gluten-free pie crust.) So far my favorite brand is Bionaturae, which you can get at Whole Foods, and is made with rice, potato and soy flours. It looks and tastes exactly like regular pasta. They also carry an all-rice brand called Tinkyada which looks slightly different and has a slightly different texture, I think, but is still good. I made my usual lasagna recipe, just subbing in the gluten-free noodles. (They work especially well in baked pasta dishes where you're not expecting al dente.)

    Also, buckwheat isn't a kind of wheat, so 100% buckwheat soba noodles are all clear.

    I started cutting out wheat several months ago so email me if you want more ideas or specific recipes! You can find my email on my profile page.

  3. Presence & Congrats!

  4. Thanks! It's so hard at the beginning, but I'm sure it'll get easier as I get a handle on less bread-and-flour-dependent recipes!