Saturday, March 27, 2010

The songs I've put on the most mix tapes

These are the songs I've put on mix after mix, playlist after playlist, year after year, when trying to show a new friend or boyfriend THE ESSENCE OF ME or just making a CD to listen to in my car. (Not sure why I'm feeling so listy lately.) (Keep in mind my mix-making has slowed to a halt since I sold my car and, uh, stopped dating. Which would explain why these are so 1997-2008.)
  • "Lost Cause" by Beck
  • "Postcards from Italy" by Beirut
  • "Someone's Daughter" by Beth Orton
  • "Attagirl" by Bettie Serveert
  • "Lover's Spit" by Broken Social Scene
  • "Nude as the News" by Cat Power
  • "Details of the War" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • "Beautiful Boys" by CocoRosie
  • "This One's for You" by The Concretes
  • "Fall at Your Feet" by Crowded House
  • "Float Away" by David Garza
  • "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" by Death Cab for Cutie
  • "White Mole" by Death Vessel
  • "Wrong Time Capsule" by Deerhoof
  • "European Oils" by Destroyer
  • "How it Ends" by Devotchka
  • "You Can Be Replaced" (and others) by Dot Allison
  • "All This Useless Beauty" by Elvis Costello
  • "To Be Free" by Emiliana Torrini
  • "Limit to Your Love" by Feist
  • "Emerge" by Fischerspooner
  • "Under Smithville" by For Squirrels
  • "Walk Away" by Franz Ferdinand
  • "Skip to the End" by The Futureheads
  • "There Is an End" by The Greenhornes & Holly Golightly
  • "Superball" by Helium
  • "A.M. Slow Golden Hit" by Hotel Lights
  • "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap
  • "Obstacle 1" by Interpol
  • "Everybody Here Wants You" and "Last Goodbye" by Jeff Buckley
  • "Black Cab" by Jens Lekman
  • "Montana" by John Linnell
  • "That Was My Veil" by John Parish & Polly Jane Harvey
  • "Crosses" by Jose Gonzalez
  • "Me and My Charms" by Kristin Hersh
  • "Seventeen" by Ladytron
  • Many by Liz Phair
  • "Lovedust" by Luna
  • "Love Me Like You" by The Magic Numbers
  • "I Don't Want to Get Over You" (and others) by The Magnetic Fields
  • "Proofs" by Mates of State
  • "100 Knives" (and others) by Mirah
  • Many by Mobius Band
  • Many by Morrissey, maybe especially "Jack the Ripper"
  • "Baby We'll Be Fine," "Cardinal Song," others by The National
  • "Things That Scare Me" and "Hold On, Hold On" by Neko Case
  • "Two-Headed Boy" by Neutral Milk Hotel
  • "These Are the Fables" by The New Pornographers
  • "Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" by Nina Persson & Nathan Larson
  • "Verse Chorus Verse" by Nirvana
  • Many by Okkervil River
  • A song by Pinback I don't know the name of
  • "You Said Something" by PJ Harvey
  • "Have You Forgotten" and "Songs for a Blue Guitar" by Red House Painters
  • Several from Soviet Kitsch by Regina Spektor
  • "Find the River" by REM
  • "Leaves Do Fall" by The Rosebuds
  • "Pink Bullets" by The Shins
  • Many by The Smiths
  • "How Soon Is Now" (cover) by Snake River Conspiracy
  • "Windfall" by Son Volt
  • Several by Soul Coughing
  • "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon
  • Several by Sufjan Stevens, especially "Chicago" and "The Dress Looks Nice on You"
  • "Heartbeat" by Tahiti 80
  • "It's All in My Mind" by Teenage Fanclub
  • Many by They Might Be Giants
  • "Hook in Her Head" and "Not Too Soon" by Throwing Muses
  • "Chinese Fairytale" by Tiger Baby
  • "Steal the Crumbs" by Uncle Tupelo
  • "You Can Have it All" (and others) by Yo La Tengo


  1. Your taste in books/music/everything is perfect. This list could've very well been mine. Except, in 1998, I was three. :D

  2. Mixed tapes. Hmm. Never gave anybody one. I just gave them blowjobs.


  3. Or whatever you kids are calling them these days...

  4. oh man that's a good list. and long enough for a mix box set.

  5. Robby: Three?! {head explodes}

    Radish: I think these days they have "rainbow parties." This has something to do with lipstick. Also I think someone made it up.

    Matt: I should totally do a box set. How cool would that be, if it was on real tapes. (Do cars even come with tape decks anymore?)

  6. i wonder what occasion would be fitting for a mix box set. maybe a marriage proposal. in lieu of a ring, a stack of tapes.

  7. sure, if you put them inside some kind of tin or aluminum container.

  8. Can't go wrong with They Might Be Giants. A favorite of my mixes, too.

  9. Imogen Heap!!! Yes. And Liz Phair. Amen. Have you heard the acoustic version of "Come Here Boy"?

  10. Uh-uh. Is it live or just acoustic? Can I YouTube it?

  11. I think just acoustic. I don't even have it anymore, and I can't find it online. I know I used to put it on every mix tape/CD ever. If I ever find it again, you will be the first person to know.

  12. Some incredibly awesome person should painstakingly enter these songs one-by-one into a grooveshark (or similar) playlist for the benefit of all humanity.

  13. Holy eclectica! More than half of these artists are totally unknown to me. And only four of them (Elvis Costello, R.E.M., The Smiths, and Regina Spektor) appear on my mp3 player.