Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upcoming readings

I have some readings coming up, at AWP (next week!) and elsewise.

Historic Falcon Reading
April 8, 6:30-9
Mercury Cafe
Denver CO
with Julia Cohen, Brian Foley, Kate Greenstreet, Dan Magers, Justin Marks, Linnea Ogden, Christopher Salerno, Kim Gek Lin Short, Sam Starkweather, Janaka Stucky, and Chris Tonelli.

Cousins Reading Series
May 2, 6 pm
Abe's Bar
Providence RI
with Sandy Florian, Lara Glenum, and Leslie Patron

Pierre Menard Gallery
May 13, 7 pm
Cambridge MA
with Joe Hall and Chris Tonelli

Yardmeter Editions
May 14, ~7 pm
Brooklyn NY
with Chris Salerno and Chris Tonelli

Wooden Shoe Books
May 15, 7 pm
Philadelphia PA
with Chris Salerno and Chris Tonelli

Cheryl's Gone
May 16, 7 pm
Washington, DC
with Chris Salerno and Chris Tonelli

Brookline Booksmith
May 22, 7 pm
Brookline MA
with Kathleen Rooney and Zoe Zolbrod

Also, Kathy and I have a poem in the new Barrelhouse.

Also, my book seems to be out in the world. That's the word on the street (in the world). I hope you like it.


  1. yay yardmeter. that will be good.

  2. Waiting patiently for your purchase on an Internet near you?

    I'll also have copies at all the above readings.

  3. I'm seriously considering having my mom bring me to the signing in Brookline. I love having a reason to go to Brookline, and I have never been to a poetry reading. It is time to change that.

  4. You've never been to a poetry reading before?! Prepare to be amazed ... or massively underwhelmed. Hard to say.

  5. I'm sure I will be amazed. And I cannot wait to buy your book. I have read all of the excerpts I can find and I am practically salivating. I can't wait.