Thursday, April 29, 2010

They totally stole my idea

A coworker pointed this out to me: A site called The Most Awesomest Thing Ever pits two things against each other and asks users to pick one. The not-so-awesome thing is, the domain was registered on March 27, 2010, eight days after I posted this to the WordStream blog: Blank vs. Blank, or, I Have an Idea for a Website. My crappety-crap prototype doesn't look too far off from The Most Awesomest Thing Ever, does it?

If they get a goddamn book deal out of this, I'm going to be seriously pissed. Also, I need to stop giving my best ideas away over the damn Internet.


  1. YOUR website would be so much better than that one! You should still make it! *Your website* will have that Elisa Gabbert playfulness and sparkle! Please make it! I love the idea and I couldn't spend more than 10 seconds on that other one that you linked too. Everyone will know that you thought of it first and think that your website is better!

  2. Hey, Lorraine and I played the Either/Or game with you and Kathleen when you visited. Still, I suppose we didn't do it on the Internet.

    And by the way, I also wrote most of the songs by the Rolling Stones.

  3. Mark: But was it like, "stripes or plaid?" or unrelated concepts?

    Michelle, the trouble is, I don't really know how to make a website, or I would have had some follow-through the first time around....

  4. Hey Elisa. They definitely stole your idea. I went on and they had the same fucking picture of Ben Franklin that you used in your B. Franklin v. Corndogs example. (Answer, btw: B. Franklin.)

    You should definitely start your own version. This one is like the MapQuest of blank v. blank waiting for your GoogleMaps to pulverize it.

  5. Are you fucking kidding me?! Ben Franklin?

    The coworker who alerted me to the site is kicking himself for not acting on my idea at the time. (He's a web designer.) Maybe we can still make it happen.

  6. Make it happen! You can compete, and you can win.

  7. My version of the Either/Or game is improvisational and open-ended; any pair anyone comes up with is fair game for the question.

    There's also the "Gun to the Head" version I play with some friends on a music site, a version invented by others, in which any hemming and hawing or hesitating on the answer constitutes your immediate ejection from the game.

  8. 1) I could make that website for you in one afternoon.

    2) Their website has, like, the worst sounds EVER.

    3) I also don't like the name.

    4) Yes, stop giving it away for free. Didn't anyone ever warn you about that?

  9. I thought that was something about cows.