Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interview etc.

* Darcie Dennigan interviewed me for the Cousins Reading Series blog. Go read it to find out what I think of the phrase "woman writer," what meaning means, why tennis is the sport of poets, and what perfume Anne Carson would be.

* I was a little annoyed by the continuing "conversation" about gender on HTML Giant, so much of which seems to be an ongoing defense of We Are Champion against my accusations/rage/witchcraft, but then I decided it makes me feel rather godlike. As in, WHICH PATRIARCHY WILL I DESTROY NEXT??? (FYI to anyone who thinks I'm harboring Gene Kwak voodoo dolls, we've backchanneled a bit and we're hardly mortal enemies.)

* I always thought A Handful of Dust sounded really dry (duh) and dull from the title. It's actually quite hilarious, but touching. The paperback edition we have is also the perfect size/weight for carrying around in my bag. My poetry to-read pile is threateningly high. I just got stuff, via the gift economy, by Jason Labbe and Matthew Lippman, and I have the new Ben Lerner and Dan Chiasson from the library. Also: Lara Glenum and Sandy Florian, who sadly had to cancel on Sunday so I didn't get to see them read.

* The less wheat I eat (No cheating. No breadcrumb coatings. No beer.) the better I feel.

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  1. There ought to be a law against using phrases from Eliot as a book title.