Tuesday, May 18, 2010


* I am back from the miniatour. It was fairly awesome. I'm tired but it's not at the level of a post-AWP exhaustion. It's nice to just focus on a few people at a time instead of all the writers in the smarmy world. If you hosted a reading or offered sleeping space or came to see us, I blow you kisses. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to show you. Suffice it to say, life is beautiful.

* On my travels I learned a dice game called Cee-lo. I am a Cee-lo bada$$ and won, like, thirty bucks. Luck is a skill.

* Are you reading Rebecca Loudon's blog? The only reason it's not in my blogroll is because the widget is RSS-based, and Radish King doesn't have a feed. Why, you ask? Because sometimes she likes to call take-backs. So you better read fast.

* If you happen to know Gillian Devereux, wish her a happy birthday.


  1. "All the writers in the smarmy world" would be a good slogan for AWP. Dare you suggest it to them?

    At my junior high school (ca. 1967-68-69) some people enjoyed a popular playground gambling game known as Skully.

    The rules for Skully were pretty simple: a group of guys stood in a small circle, facing in, and tossed a few coins down on the ground in the middle of the circle. Then the idea was to try to reach in and grab one or more of the coins from the ground, while the other players kicked at you to try and keep you from grabbing them.

    Watching a Skully game, you would see someone periodically dart in toward the middle of the circle, then just as quickly jump backward. As far as I could tell, hardly anyone ever succeeded in picking up a coin; the point of the game seemed to be mostly the thrill of avoiding getting kicked.

    I never played Skully. I was too chicken.

  2. Sounds awful. I guess that falls into the same category as Bloody Knuckles and Mercy (pain games).

  3. You're back from the Minotaur? Did you slay it? How did you get out of the maze?