Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Mizoovie Game Part 2 (The Revenge)

My brother and I and some of our other friends at Rice (Robo, Baseman, Kylec) made up a game called the Mizoovie Game Part II that we used to play all the time. It goes like this: One player names two movies, and the other players try to name a third movie that includes an actor from each. For example, if I say Star Wars and Ghost, the answer is Soap Dish (Carrie Fisher + Whoopi Goldberg). There may be other answers, but you have to have something in mind from the beginning; you can't just throw out two random movies as there may not be a solution.

This is a great car game. It works best when you know the other players have seen a lot of the same movies as you, and if you use movies with ensemble casts, because there are more possible permutations. (If you use movies that only have two significant roles each, there are only four possible combinations.)

I taught you a game! Here are a few more:

Stand By Me & Ghostbusters

Face/Off & Heathers

True Romance & The Day of the Locust

No cheating and using IMDB!


  1. 1. What About Bob? : Richard Dreyfus & Bill Murray

    2. Broken Arrow : Travolta & Slater (this took me way too long to think of considering it and Face/Off are both Woo)

    3. Haven't seen Day of the Locust and don't know who's in it without cheating.

  2. Ah, your answer for #2 isn't the one I was thinking of. I'll refrain from supplying my answers in case anyone else wants to guess.

  3. Huh, I figured my answer to 1 wasn't what you were thinking of since Dreyfus' onscreen time in Stand By Me is so minor. And I just thought of a second one: Sneakers (River Phoenix and Dan Aykroyd).

    Okay, here are a few more:

    Tombstone & Tropic Thunder

    Out of Sight & Gattaca

    Roxanne & Eight Men Out

  4. Nope, #1 was right. Brief on-screen time is why it's a good one. Cameos are great for this game, as long as the actors aren't unknowns (in which case I guess it's not a cameo but a bit part or walk-on).

  5. P.S. it would be hard for us to play this game together because I haven't seen most of the movies in yours. I've only seen Out of Sight and Roxanne.

  6. totally stumped. (i've only seen Ghostbusters and Heathers.)

    but here's three for you:

    1) Crimes and Misdemeanors & Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    2) Taxi Driver & Raising Arizona

    3) Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore & Waking the Dead

  7. Matt, I can't do #3 at all, but I'll think on the first two.

  8. Matt's 2: Taxi Driver (Harvey Keitel & Holly Hunter). Can't do the others.

  9. I mean THE PIANO with Keitel & Hunter. Gah, sorry...

  10. Here's a tough one:

    Gandhi and My Dinner With Andre