Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random scent notes

* Maureen Thorson is going on a perfume journey. You can follow her exploits here. She told me she likes the way tomatoes smell and I informed her that the world of 'fume encompasses tomatoes. And damned if she didn't go find herself some tomato perfumes. Mo is one of a handful of poet friends I have helped find a new scent recently. Anyone else out there want a consult? Catch me fast before my rates go up (from zero).

* It kind of irks me when people say, in re their fragrance, "I smell so good!" It's like they're taking all the credit. All you did was push the nozzle, dude. (I guess there's some effort involved in showering regularly and avoiding dog shit.)

* I have a running mental list of perfumes I want but can't afford (the categories of can- and can't-afford being mostly irrational constructions based on a shifting guilt threshold), sort of a wish list in case I become independently wealthy or it turns out there is a Santa Claus. The list includes Rossy de Palma (a bright green, lemony geranium-rose pick-me-up), Beyond Love (gorgeous, dreamy, creamy tuberose soliflore that is Beyond Any Reasonable Budget), and Philosykos (my favorite fig scent). RdP and Philosykos are not really crazy expensive if you only want one or two bottles of perfume at a time, but since I'm amassing a bit of a collection, I don't feel I can justify spending more than $50 on a single bottle.

* In case anyone's looking for further reading, here are a few of my favorite perfume blogs:
  • Katie Puckrik Smells: I have a total girl/blog crush on Katie Puckrik. She does these adorable video reviews on her YouTube channel. My favorite is the 5-part video where she walks you through her whole perfume collection. Also, she wears great jewelry and has an eyebrow scar. Facial scars rule!
  • I Smell Therefore I Am: Two bloggers, an M and an F. My favorite thing about this blog is its total lack of snobbery. They'll talk about Frederic Malle Une Rose in the same breath as Coty Exclamation. They also seem completely unconcerned with consensus opinion, which I applaud in any setting.
  • Muse in Wooden Shoes: This woman lives on a farm and writes under a pseudonym. She posts a weekly "scent diary." We have some taste overlap (both love tuberose and green florals) and some anti-overlap (underlap?); she hates sillage and patchouli and gourmands, all of which I give the thumbs up. Don't know why, I just like reading about her life and her sprays o' the day. I'd love to tell you all my SOTD's but, well, this isn't supposed to be a perfume blog.


  1. still! tell us your sotd. you could just tack it on like jane espenson does with lunch on her blog:

  2. Well that, Miss 110100 etc., is rather an excellent idea.

    SOTD: Rossy de Palma

  3. Facial scars on women rule. On men . . . well, they make us look as if we've just sprung from the pen.

    I'm buying Guerlain Vetiver. Is that a stupid thing to do?

  4. If you ever come to Chicago, I would enjoy engaging your scent-determining services. I would buy lunch. And drinks.

  5. That's an offer I can't refuse. I'll let you know next time I'm heading midwesterly.

  6. You absolutely have not smelled Kai, since it does not appear in your list! I cant' even spend $20/bottle, so for me, that would top my list!

  7. Dana, I haven't, but I know a friend of mine wore that. I believe it's a gardenia scent?