Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I just ate a really good black plum. Every year there comes a day when I ask myself, Do I like plums? And I buy a few. And I do. You know how with stone fruit (apples and pears too), one side is often sweeter? Is that the sunny side or the lee?

Lying in bed the other night, I realized why you order your eggs "over easy" or "over medium." It's because they're flipped over, as opposed to sunny side up. Seriously, no one ever explained this to me. In any case, I've decided I don't care much for fried eggs (unless they're in a sandwich, which genre is no longer on my menu); I prefer poached in almost every instance. You can't eat them with your hands, but they're so much gooier and eggier.

SOTD: Guerlain Rose Barbare on my right arm, Sonoma Scent Studio Jour Ensolleile on my left. (Reviews of both forthcoming in my next column.) On my upper left, I can still smell the remnants of a spray of Hanae Mori from last night.

For dinner tonight, speaking of eggs: This weird thing. Doesn't that look good?


  1. what are your thoughts on scrambled

    (i believe you know how i feel)

  2. Scrambled are good too. Not as transcendent as poached, but better than fried. I also like a not-quite-hard-boiled egg, especially in/on a salad.

    Also, everyone should be buying the Omega 3 eggs. They seriously taste 100% better.

  3. i can only handle a certain degree of transcendence. too much and i'd never come back down to earth.

    actually i've never had poached or boiled eggs. couldn't even tell you what a poached egg looks like.

    all the eggs i eat are Babylon 5.

  4. Generally you don't just each a poached egg plain, it's on top of something, as in a Benedict, a salad, hash, some stew, etc. They're kind of a pain in the ass to make yourself, but worth ordering for brunch at a restaurant. They look like this, so you'll be able to recognize one in a dark alley: