Thursday, August 5, 2010

The "it's all about me" attitude

I have a new poem up at Dark Sky Magazine today: "The Self Is Unstable." I think it's kind of funny/sad how the layout makes it plainly obvious that my bio is just as long as the poem.

As long as we're in the me zone, I thought I'd link to a few spots where people said nice things about my book:
  • William Walsh at the Kenyon Review: "Gabbert writes smart and knowing poems that show the evolution of an idea."
  • Eileen Tabios: "such fragile-nesses are difficult to textually manifest-- a lovely achievement."
  • Leigh Stein at the No Tell blog: "I would like to go to the beach with Elisa and make her sing the greatest hits of the '90s to me."
  • Megan and Corey at Oh, Young Lions: "This was a refreshing take on human want. And yet the language comes off as poet-casual. She makes the meta-poetic conversational" ... "The Blogpoem section of the book is probably my favorite, and Gabbert gives us more of those sharply captured moments of anxiety."
  • Hannah Miet: "I like the way her thoughts fall out."
  • Jared Wahlgren at Amazon: "This book is haunting in a good way, if that's possible. The concepts of reality, future, the moment, death & exiting are all common. Between tennis matches, no one knows what exactly happens, what is reality, what is dream, what is death?"
  • Ben Mirov at BOMBLOG: "Gabbert’s ability to balance elements of surprise with a well-wrought topology of ideas is representative of a type of precision and expertise that runs throughout The French Exit."

(Title stolen from a comment on my last post.)


  1. yeah maybe u should have different bio sizes for diff sized contribs

  2. Or they could have used a smaller font.

  3. I'm a copywriter, and I love the poem's take on SEO as it pertains to the human spirit.