Friday, September 10, 2010


Things that are funny*:

Achewood. Space Balls. Napoleon Dynamite. Rich Juzwiak. Go Fug Yourself. The FAIL Blog (can't help it). Savage Love. Evelyn Waugh. Mark Leidner. Sommer Browning. Lamont Price. Get a Life. Vintage Steve Martin. Vintage Woody Allen. Vintage Tao Lin. Mark Twain. "Fifi, No, No." Mairead Byrne. Offensive jokes. Dan Brown. Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show, especially the Alien from L.A. episode. The Pottery Barn Kids catalog. Soap Dish. Hugh Laurie. Chris Eigeman. The Golden Girls. Vacation. Paige Taggart.

Things that are sad*:

The end of Away. The end of Rabbit, Run. The end of Days of Heaven. The House of Mirth. Gone with the Wind. That scene in Ray where he's looking for the cricket. The story of Mr. Tux. Most of my memories of living in Beacon Hill. Most of my memories period. Old emails. Hangovers. Sundays. The recurring dream where everyone hates me and it's probably my fault.

*In my opinion, duh.


  1. Thank you for the idea.

    Yes, I link back to the original.

  2. Thank you for the pointer -- I love these lists. :)