Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Gurls

* I've got three poems in the new issue of Sink Review. These are from the manuscript I've been working on since putting The French Exit to bed. The manuscript now has a working title: The Self Unstable. (Is the working title working? Not sure, but it feels legitimizing to have one. Also, it means I can stop giving the individual prose blocks titles.) There's lots more awesome poetry (Ariana "It was then that I entered a period of despair" Reines, Dan "They want to play doctor but I just want a real doctor" Hoy, Matt "I’m fortunate enough" Henriksen, etc.) to read while you're there.

* Along with Sommer Browning and Evan Fleischer, I'm putting together "A Night of Poetry and Comedy," as I like to conceive of it, i.e., a mix(er) of poets and stand-up, what's the difference anyway. This will be in Brooklyn (@ Pete's Candy Store) on Sept. 25. Save the date! More details TK.

* I'm reading Chandler Burr's other perfume book, The Perfect Scent. Really sucks in comparison to The Emperor of Scent, I'm sad to say. Chandler pretty much phoned this one in. I keep finding myself shocked at how bad and lazy the writing is:
Creating perfume is exceedingly complicated. It is an art form that is, for example, infinitely more complex than, say, making clothing. Cutting silk crepe into a dress means a piece of silk crepe cut and stitched--expertly, we can stipulate--into the form of a dress.
WTF? Is it me, or is that an entirely meaningless tautology. I mean, it's true and all: All you have to do to make a dress is make a dress. Point taken. I mean, what? Depressing.

* There's a cool exhibit of Richard Avedon's fashion photography at the MFA right now. One of his muses was a model/actress named Suzy Parker, whom I'd never heard of before. She's from Texas!

Isn't she pretty? She's so '50s, but also kind of '80s. She'd fit right into a White Snake video.

* SOTD: Hanae Mori Haute Couture.


  1. "September Gurls"? I was hoping this post was going to be about Big Star.

  2. I was hoping my next blog comment would have content.

  3. Ooh. That's harsh. I was just expression a reaction.

    When I read the post title, I got a little excited since I thought you were going to be writing about one of my favorite subjects: jangly '70s pop songs.

  4. Allow me to direct you to the new Open Letters, which has an essay about Big Star:


  5. Thanks!

    You do know everything about everything, don't you?

  6. I think you should go easy on Chandler. After all, it's not as if he said "Tunisian Amber" in that paragraph. How bad can it be? You will be careful not to use stupid names for things! to paraphrase a snotty blogger I no longer read.

  7. Heh, yes, good point. That was kind of mean of me. I'm sorry.