Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guns don't kill people, bullets do

  • Good mail day: I got my contributor copies of the new issue of Mantis, which looks really great. In addition to new poems and translations there's a section on poetry in the last decade, to which I contributed a brief essay, described variously by the editors, Bronwen Tate and Joshua Edwards, as a "personal story of isolation" and an "extol[ling] of the virtues of a Jurassic technology known as the 'blog.'" Everybody always says this but I actually am looking forward to reading the whole section (especially the pieces on the Gurlesque by Arielle Greenberg and on media by Tony Tost) and the rest of the stuff (a ton of work by Farrah Field, some translations by Francois Luong, a review of Kate Schapira's Town by Ana Bozicevic, etc.).
  • To qualify as a good mail day, you have to get at least two good things. The other thing was a very generous package of samples from Lush, which just launched a new perfume line. I'll review these at length at some point but I just dug into The Smell of Freedom, which does not smell patriotic, but rather spicy and woodsy and rather intriguing, and Imogen Rose, a sweet, musky, powdery rose.
  • I don't like the false dichotomy of irony/sincerity. 90% of people are ironic some of the time and sincere some of the time. I just opened to a random poem by Farrah Field in the aforementioned Mantis and sure enough there's some irony in it (first line: "A certain type of raw rubbing is associated with fun") and some sincerity (in the middle: "That motherly feeling came out of nowhere"; and toward the end: "experienced people know why it is that rust hole / formed on my car when I was driving home planning on / doing good, thinking about doing bad, thinking of the girls.") I think poems with a little irony in them feel more sincere to me, by which I mean, more real, more deeply thought and felt.
  • Second Lucky guest post is up, on cheap thrills.

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