Friday, December 3, 2010

Lead sling bullets with a winged thunderbolt

  • Um, so, somehow my book is among the nominees for the GoodReads' Choice Awards in the Poetry category. Seems weird -- suspicious, even! -- but if you're on GoodReads, you could vote for me! Theoretically.
  • I can be kind of an aggressive jerk, sure. That doesn't mean being an aggressive jerk is a good way to flirt with me. Not that flirting with me well would get one anywhere, given my "relationship status," but I mean, geez. Some people can't even go through the motions correctly. You know?


  1. LOL! Yeah, if you're going to flirt (which is a sport that everyone should practice on occasion, regardless of relationship status), for god's sake, do it well.

    BTW, trying to 'get anywhere' through flirting is a clear sign one has not practiced for way too long...

    Congrats on your book!

  2. I flirted with voting for your book, then I voted for it aggressively.