Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Mystique of the Desert

  • I really like Liz Hildreth's blog. Today she wrote about sex and smell. That's a double whammy right there.
  • A lot of the street names around where I grew up would make good names for people. For example: Doniphan (which, I believe, is a Blvd.). It's close to Donovan, which is already tres sexy, but with a twist, plus the visual resemblance to Daphne would make it a good name for a woman too.
  • I always thought it would be cool if my middle name started with an O, because then my monogram could be EGO, you know, with the big G in the middle. Except there aren't really any good names that start with O, are there? I've never liked Olivia (sorry, Olivias of the world, I once had a math teacher named Olivia with a bad haircut). I'd have to make something up: O'Fallon? Onyx? I'd gladly trade out my real middle name; I like "Ann" as a first name but not a middle name, it's so dull and pronounceable compared to the rest of my moniker.
  • What is it with the people who work at the gate always saying in threatening tones that the flight is very full? First of all, there's a finite number of available seats. The flight is either full or it's not. It's not like they ever start packing people into the aisles. Secondly, it's full almost every time I fly. Why do they always act like it's a rare disaster and somehow our fault?
  • This morning I found my old bottle of Egoiste "Cologne Concentree" in my childhood dresser. OMG! I feel like I won a prize, I had no idea this still existed. There is only about 8-10 ml left, sadly. It's easily 15 years old, and still smells fantastabulous. Don't throw away your old perfume people! It's not as fragile as it looks. Send it to me.


  1. Elisa "Ophelia" Gabbert? Elisa "Odette" Gabbert? Elisa "Octavia" Gabbert? Elisa "Oprah" Gabbert?

  2. Hm, I kind of like Octavia. Seems weird to have two names in a row that end in the schwa sound though. Maybe it should just be an O that doesn't stand for anything, like Harry S Truman.

  3. i always like the street name "lee trevino." on the el paso radio stations we get in las cruces, they're always having commercials that say "remember when lee trevino seemed so far east?" i don't, but because of the homey nature of the commercial, i sort of do now!

  4. Ha! I remember that, and for me it's still true. I always liked Porfirio Diaz (the street)

  5. Yeah, he used to live in El Paso.


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