Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recent acquisitions

I asked for three perfumes for Christmas (Teo Cabanel Alahine, Ormonde Jayne Woman, and Sonoma Scent Studio Voile de Violette), thinking I'd get one, maybe two, but probably just one, since one is only available in the UK and SSS has been temporarily closed for a while, as its mastermind, Laurie Erickson, nurses a wrist injury. In fact, my smart cookie of a mom managed to get me all three; she discovered The Perfumed Court and ordered large decants of both Alahine and OJW, and she wrote to Laurie requesting a favor, so I have a full bottle of the VdV extrait, small but mighty. She (my mother, not Laurie) also found a body scrub from a spa in Arizona that contains creosote! It doesn't smell exactly like rain in the desert, but it definitely smells like the desert. My pre-Christmas gift from John was a bottle of Bulgari Black, which we will be sharing. I gave my grandmother a jar of White Linen body cream (I couldn't find the lotion in the glass pump bottle; did they stop making it?) and my brother a roll-on of MCMC Hunter oil. And since I've been self-gifting all year, this didn't seem like the season to stop: I bought myself a bottle of A*Men Pure Malt at the duty-free shop in Dallas during my three-hour layover, bringing the number of patchouli gourmands I own up to silly.

Anybody else get or give the fifth sense?


  1. Nice haul. Martin got me Dolce & Gabbana The One and Hanae Mori Butterfly!

  2. You got nice gifts and you gave nice gifts. Your mother went above and beyond!

    With those gifts, I know you'll be smelling divine as you ring in 2011. Happy new year!

  3. And to you! I'm still trying to decide what to wear tonight -- I considered Joy, but I'm wearing a red dress, so I think it may be Rossy de Palma ...