Friday, January 7, 2011

Step into my boudoir

I had a long gchat with my perfume friend Brian Pera last night and he posted a good chunk of it to his blog. You can read it here. Are you familiar with this genre of YouTube video? The "My Favorite Perfumes" genre? I kind of really want to make one. They're a delight.

Here's a chunk he didn't post:

brian: You told me today you apply on the clavicle and the wrists?
7:55 PM me: Not always the wrists -- sometimes the outer surface of my forearms, and in summer sometimes on my upper arms (closer to my nose). Never on my hands, because I don't want to risk washing it off.
brian: oh my. That's so specific. The outer surface of your forearms.
That's impressively militaristic
me: Yes, so it can waft up as I'm typing!
7:56 PM brian: see this is how I think too. But I put it on the backs of my hands, so that whenever I want I can just shove my hand right up in my face
me: Also, if I sniff my arm, it kind of looks like I'm just wiping my nose with my arm. Which I guess isn't that classy anyway.
We're so logistical.
7:57 PM I usually spray at the base of my neck, not directly on my neck, so some gets on my shirt.
Then if it wears off my skin, I can still smell the fabric.
brian: Okay, I laughed out loud. because I do the same, and I thought, oh, I'm so sneaky. If anyone looked at me they'd think
7:58 PM I'm just rubbing my nose. Then I started to see pics of myself and in many of them my hand is at my nose and I have this weird look on my face
me: Ha! Weird, like, ecstasy?
Once a friend noticed me smelling my perfume and thought I was doing it because I was nervous.
Little does she know
7:59 PM brian: Not ecstasy, no.
me: More cerebral
brian: Kind of like...deranged. It's not an attractive expression
It's furtive
me: Deranged! Excellent
brian: Like I'm thinking how to make it look less weird than it is
Like less of a compulsion
me: Failing, clearly
brian: the way some people
who eat a lot
8:00 PM do it in secret
like they put a little at a time on the plate
and eat it in the kitchen, standing up
so that it's "on the go"
me: I do that sometimes. I get one last bite as I'm packing the leftovers.
Addictive behaviors.
8:01 PM brian: I get one last bite over and over. It's like writing a letter and you keep adding PPS's
me: It's funny that we still do P.S.'s in email, when you could just go up and add it in.
8:02 PM brian: See, this is what I meant about you and about poets
They have this way of looking at things
I don't know how to describe that
me: That's like my specialty. I could do that all day.
brian: It's observational in a sort of microscopic way.
8:03 PM me: I like banter and I like theories. Very small or very big. I don't like sort of "What did you do today" type talk that much.
8:04 PM The meso layer
brian: Yeah I don't either but you get to be a poet and I just have ADD
me: Shut up, you make films. Those are detaily.
8:05 PM And also Big.
8:06 PM brian: that's true but in order to make a film feel truly like a poem you need so many people and so much time and as the producer you have to think big and small, zooming in and out so much to think about the big and small picture. This is why I'm going crazy. I just want to focus on the details. I'm not a muralist much.
Does this translate into your perfume habits somehow?
the meso thing
me: Mmm, that's true. With poetry I don't have to depend on anyone else. I also always hated "group work" in school.
8:09 PM Maybe you could think of rich perfumes with lots of layers and complexities as "big theory" scents. If Ellena is the middle layer, I'm not a fan.
8:10 PM brian: Me neither. I try to like him, and sometimes I like him for a couple minutes at a time.
But it's like standing talking to someone at a party who really just keeps saying the same thing over and over again. "How you doing, then?"
8:11 PM me: I almost always like the top notes, but then I start to feel like top notes are all there are.
So yeah, that guy at the party is all top notes
Mr. Small Talk Top Notes


  1. I've always enjoyed smelling myself, but without any scent other than my own bodily odors.

    I once "met" a girl on a dating site who does those videos, except hers was makeup, not perfume.

  2. OK, now that's weird.

    Ah yes, the beauty gurus of YouTube! Does she start her videos with "Hey guys"?

  3. I bought that other perfume and I am using it in order to save my one true perfume. I don't think I'll ever change except for the tomato dirt which I wear on top why am I babbling about this in the wrong post? I don't know. I watched one of those videos where a girl made herself look like Lady Gag and at the end she digitally enhanced her eyes so they were bigger than her mouth and it scared the crap out of me.

  4. Have I already told you that I started spraying perfume on my upper thigh/hip bone area? It lasts forever there. Even a scent like Lempicka stays and stays. I usually just do one spray right before I get dressed. But I can still smell it when I change into pajamas or after work clothes.

  5. Whoa, what made you choose that locale? Interesting.

  6. I read something about pulse points on the internet -- your thighs are one, lots of blood flow in that area, I guess. Certain pulse points supposedly "reactivate" a scent? I thought since I stand/walk so much, the thigh/hip area seemed like a logical choice. I dunno if what I read is true or not, but MIT has come down in favor of continuing to apply perfume in that region -- especially the Gris Clair and the Alien, which "reactivates" with a vengeance.

    Oooo -- my verification word is graci. I feel so fancy.

  7. Ok, I KNOW I commented on this post before!