Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The use of subheads

True Facts from the Past

I used to spend a lot of time on a usenet group called something like rec.weightlifting. No joke. This was like 2003. There was this badass guy named Lyle on there who knew a lot about leptin and cut & bulk cycles and so forth. Everyone went to him for advice on getting lean/huge. He was such a badass that I made my posting nickname "Crush on Lyle." My Google profile inherited this nickname, and now, if I email you something from Google Reader, it will show up in your inbox with "Crush on Lyle" as the sender.

I miss how lean/huge I used to be. Actually, I'm pretty lean again these days (thanks, celiac disease!), but not as huge.

Where I'll Be at AWP

Hoping to avoid weather-related travel drama, I changed our flights from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning. Assuming that arrives on time, I'll be filling in for Patricia Foster, who's unable to make it, at this panel:
To Wave or Not to Wave: Writing the Female Body Across Generations (Kathleen Rooney, Janice Eidus, Patricia Foster, Karen Salyer McElmurray, Kate Zambreno)
Thursday, February 3rd from 12:00 to 1:15 in the Thurgood Marshall West Room of the Marriott Wardman Park, Mezzanine level

First, second, or third wave? Post or no wave? The six feminist writers in this roundtable don’t get hung up on labels, but they do suggest there’s insight to be gained by looking at how the work of women writing about sex and the body has evolved over the past 40 years. Join them for a multi-genre, multi-generational conversation on how feminism has influenced literary explorations of gender, useful for anyone interested in how writing the body can situate individuals of any age in the world.
Come to the panel and witness the opening of cans of feminist whoop-ass.

I'll also be reading at the Table X event on Friday night. It starts at 6:30 at Steve's Bar Room (1337 Connecticut Ave. NW #2). There are a dillion readers so I won't list them all, but not to worry: I read third. (Meaning: Show up late if you hate me.)

The rest of the time, I'll likely be wandering the book fair in a light-headed daze, if I've learned anything from past AWP's, which I'm sure I haven't.


My column this month is an interview with Chandler Burr. If you don't know perfume, trust me: HE'S A BIG SHOT. I talked to him about perfume stuff including the Center of Olfactory Art, a museum he is opening in New York City, where I want to live. I mean, specifically, I want to live inside the museum.


  1. I like the point at AWP when the bookfair has made me so light-headed and dazed that I lunge at any candy offered at a booth for the sugar rush. God times. Good times.

  2. Ugh I will be wandering around this year too. I'm not saying it would be me but if a high chick dressed like a deconstructed Episcopalian minister sneaks up and tries to smell you just seriously slap her face

  3. I might pretend I was going to hit her then actually hug her.

  4. That might blow her mind so bad she had to be hospitalized

  5. this awp shit sounds pretty bad@$$.

  6. i went to that panel! so wish you had been there...it was certainly interesting, but i definitely would have liked to have heard your perspective in comparison to the panelists that were there. i feel sketchy being more specific than that...

  7. Realized my last comment was kinda vague and could be misinterpreted...it was a good panel and I enjoyed it. Kate zambreno was especially awesome.

  8. Kathy and I were super sad to have both missed it! Hopefully I'll see you around and we can chat more about it.