Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sig Amet Literary Series, 3/25

I'm reading in the Sig Amet Literary Series this Friday with the fine folks of Canarium Books:

WHO: John Beer, Joshua Edwards, Robert Fernandez, Ish Klein, and me

WHEN: Friday, March 25 at 7:30 pm

WHERE: Lorem Ipsum Books, 1299 Cambridge St. (Inman Square)

Make like Wallace Stevens and say hi!


The Negation
Wallace Stevens

Hi! The creator too is blind,
Struggling toward his harmonious whole,
Rejecting intermediate parts,
Horrors and falsities and wrongs;
Incapable master of all force,
Too vague idealist, overwhelmed
By an afflatus that persists.
For this, then, we endure brief lives,
The evanescent symmetries
From that meticulous potter’s thumb.


  1. Say hello to Josh for me (yes, yes, I know, I last saw him 5 days ago)

  2. tis jojo/@poetesss from twitter. damn i am sorry i missed this! i didn't catch this blog post earlier :/

    i'm hoping to throw a reading party at lorem ipsum later this summer. but none the less i hope to be your boston poetry friend IRL one day. if that's not creepy to say. the band i'm in, walter sickert & the army of broken toys are competing in the rock 'n roll rumble. maybe you can make it to one of our shows if you fancy. but entirely not the point of this d'oh! comment.

    very best, aesthetes among us! -jojo

  3. Hey there! Be sure and announce your poet party on Twitter and I'll try to make it! Where and when is this rumble you speak of taking place?? Is this a Middle East thing?