Monday, April 11, 2011


On the off chance that any of my lovely readers live in or around Poughkeepsie (perhaps near the spleen?): I am reading at Vassar on Wednesday evening, April 13, at 5 pm, in the Class of '51 Reading Room at the swanky library. After the reading, I plan to dine on the finest Mexican cuisine that the Hudson Valley has to offer.


  1. If you take the long trek from the Loeb Art Center to the rest room, unless the renovation has given them a closer rest room, up the stairs to the old rest room, they have a copy of Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise.

    Aloy's is awesome in Poughkeepsie.. great pizza or pasta. better than Sante Fe..

    Santa Fe is a slick SW adaptation of Mexican. Enjoyable, pleasant, so-so value . If you want real Mexican in the Hudson Valley and your posse is packing heat, hit Los Portoles at 295 Broadway in Newburgh and have dessert at Maria Bonita Groceries at 408, a mango with lime juice and chili for $1. Bernie at Village Books next to Santa Fe is great, retired sociology prof, if he's reopened

  2. I can't eat pizza or pasta ... gluten intolerance. :( Also, being from the SW, I *like* slick SW adaptations of Mexican. I'll look up Los Portoles as an alternative though. Thanks!