Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kentucky Derby Horse or Variety of Tomato?

  • Big Rainbow
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Derby Kitten
  • Yellow Perfection
  • Native Dancer
  • Mr. Stripey
  • German Johnston
  • Stay Thirsty
  • Brandywine
  • Mr. Hot Stuff
  • Red Beefsteak
  • Djena Lee's Golden Girl
  • Nebraska Wedding
  • Chocolate Candy
  • Solar Fire
  • Twice the Appeal
  • Sweet Million F1

Inspired by Jonathan Mayhew and my mom.


  1. This could also be a list of:

    Breeds of roses
    Designer ice cream flavors
    Names of rock bands
    Comic book super-heroes
    Cirque de Soleil acrobatic maneuvers
    Psychedelic substances of the 1960's
    Lady Gaga costumes
    Twitter aliases
    Professional wrestlers
    Video games
    Underground cult films
    Names of cats

  2. I like the ones like Solar Fire, Brandywine that plausibly could be both. Red Beefstake I would put clearly in the tomato category, along with Yellow Perfection, but I could be wrong.

  3. I think a surprising lot of them could plausibly be both. Mr. Stripey is a tomato but Mr. Hot Stuff is a horse. Big Rainbow and Cherokee Purple are tomatoes but sound like horses to me. Same with Nebraska Wedding, Djena Lee's Golden Girl, Sweet Million and German Johnston (all tomatoes). Chocolate Candy sounds like a plausible tomato to me, but it's a horse.

  4. I had Nebraska Wedding as a horse. Shows what I know about tomatoes (and horses).

  5. I won't hold your shaky botany foundation against you.