Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Think We're Alone Now

When I was in second grade I thought pushing your hair up on one side with your hand was pretty much the sexiest, coolest thing a girl could do (followed closely by letting your shirt or jacket fall off one shoulder). I'm pretty sure this video is why:

While you're counting how many times Tiffany performs Maneuver X, keep your eyes peeled for the man whose dancing has dislodged his comb-over. Just one of many inclusions that make little to no sense.


  1. My mother would get so upset when I wore that hair style - she said it made me look like "a tramp".

    I wonder who the first woman to wear that hairstyle was, and most important, was she a tramp?

    I sat she was a trailblazer ;)

  2. I used SO much hairspray on my bangs in the '80s, trying to form a perfect wave. I don't recall my mom ever saying anything about it, though I can't imagine she thought it looked good.

  3. Have you seen the documentary of the same name? It is an interesting piece on obsession, and sad :(

  4. I haven't. Going to watch the trailer now -- looks like you can watch the whole thing online actually.

  5. She ruined a perfectly terrible song slash earwurm. I do like her sparkly shoes though.