Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little stories

  • My ex used to wear his t-shirts inside-out about half the time. Why? Because they'd get inverted when he took them off, and he couldn't be bothered to flip them outside-in again after washing them. I thought this made perfect sense: They were mostly cheapo logo shirts he'd gotten free one way or another, so it's not like they really looked better the right way. (His boss once said to him, all clandestine stage-whisper, "Your shirt's inside out!" and he was like, "Uh, I know, dude," and she backs up and goes, "Oh. It's a statement.") That was the explanation anyway. But one day, I caught him turning one of his shirts inside-out before he put it on.
  • I watched My Brilliant Career a few days ago, and was surprised (disappointed? dismayed?) to see it's basically the exact same story as Anne of Green Gables, a miniseries I have loved beyond reason since I was a little girl. The similarities are not superficial. They're both about a clever, plain, outspoken girl from a poor family who hates her life until she's swept away to a more idyllic and privileged world, but continues to battle social mores and gender stereotypes. Both characters want to be someone important (a writer or some kind of artist) but are continually pushed to focus on marrying well instead. They both fall in love with someone who is clearly perfect for them, but deny themselves the pleasure of a happy relationship, believing a woman must choose love or a career. They both work as teachers for unruly, disrespectful students. They both turn down proposals and eventually write a book. Though one takes place in Canada and the other in Australia, they depict the same time slice and the sets and costumes are strikingly similar. There are even scenes and lines that are almost identical. The whole while I was watching MBC, I assumed they had either the same director or writer. In fact they don't share any crew, and, especially puzzling, they are both based on books (by different authors). I'm forced to conclude that the miniseries is more "faithful" to My Brilliant Career, which came first and must have been influential, than it is to the Anne books (which I've never read). Oh well. I'm glad I saw the miniseries first, because, unconscious plagiarism or no unconscious plagiarism, I think it's a better film. (To be fair, both books probably reference Little Women.)
  • I have a new perfume column going up on Saturday, but I won't be here to link to it. I'm flying to Baltimore tomorrow for a wedding. I will throw up a link when I get back! (Metaphorically. I hope not to vomit any sausages.)
  • Micro-reviews of some things I have sniffed lately:
    • Bond No. 9 I <3 NY, pink version: Blueberry Pop-Tarts!
    • Bond No. 9 I <3 NY, black version: Brown sugar & cinnamon Pop-Tarts!
    • Angel EDT: Basically the same formula as La Rose Angel AFAICT
    • Elie Saab: Total cross between Narciso Rodriguez for Her and Alien
    • Prada Candy: Like all Prada scents, instant drydown, of the ethylmaltol + benzoin variety
  • New launches that might be good/interesting and require further sniffing: Cartier Baiser Vole, Bottega Veneta, Diane.


  1. you've never read ANY anne books? whoa. i loved them, but i was more into the emily books, which were by the same author. did you ever watch avonlea?

    have fun in baltimore! my hometown.

  2. Nope -- I saw the miniseries first (including the Avonlea part, which is now being billed as "Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel) and I guess even as a kid I didn't like reading things I'd already seen in movie form.

    I'll actually be in Frederick, MD most of the time -- know it?

  3. yep. it's like the gateway to western MD. good hiking. nearish to DC, kinda, with a nice mainstreet. you'll have fun, i bet.

  4. My sister and I have two (of many) things we can say to each other to make each other laugh on the spot: Cordial. And Puffed Sleeves. :)

  5. Yessss Carrie's got it did you ever read the Emily books? Indispensable girl-writer cat-haver possible-Scotch-mystic romantic-catnip-to-her-dead-dad's-friend Classics. The absolute best

  6. I didn't even know these Emily books existed.