Sunday, September 11, 2011


What I've been ...

Reading: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. I believe someone recommended this back when I was looking for non-YA novels with smart young characters. I do like the Mick character very much; she's a tomboy with a passion for music. I also started The Unconsoled a while back, but I'm not good at reading multiple novels at once. On Friday I got myself a Denver Public Library card and checked out some Alice Fulton books, one poetry and one nonfiction.

Eating: Colorado peaches. New Mexico green chiles (and salsa made thereof). Boiled kale as an all-purpose vegetable (on pizza, in fried rice and scrambled eggs, etc.). Flax seed oil (trying to be one of those people). Salami (one of those meat products that tastes how I remember it tasting, rather than a gamier version of itself).

Drinking: On Friday, after an opening at the MCA (a weird minimalist installation involving yarn; we thought it would have been improved by the addition of live kittens), I ordered a wine flight of California reds at this place. It was the same price as a single glass of wine, but they basically brought me three full glasses of wine. They were delicious, especially the Michael David Petite Petit, so I finished them, and ended up fairly wasted. Damn elevation! Also, Campari and soda. And I just bought a big bottle of Polish potato vodka at the awesome local liquor store, Argonaut. (I keep vodka in the freezer, natch.)

Doing: Hiking a bit: we went to Lost Lake outside Nederland, CO, yesterday, which was a delight. (Yes, there was snow on them thar hills.) Shopping too much (post-move, I've lifted the self-inflicted moratorium on buying things I don't need). Today I bought a dress that looks like TV static. Playing Rock Band at Kevin & Katie's in Lafayette. Limited song choice, but I had much fun on "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" and "Love Is a Battlefield."

Vanity Update: My hair and skin look way better out there. Hair is sort of a who cares, but I can't get over the difference in my skin. I look three years younger! Hallelujah. I hope it lasts.


  1. Elisa, congrats on your move! Sounds like it was a good thing...I'm sure you'd be fun wasted.

    And looking three years younger? Who can argue with that?


  2. Right? Thanks Josephine! I'm very happy with the change o' scenery so far.

  3. I love Nederland. It's so manageable, even if you just walk around town. The last time I was there was the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days festival. I should go up again, I love looking around the rock shop.

  4. The rock shop was closed by the time we finished up with dinner (at the Nepalese place), but I loved the sign in the window announcing the presence of SCIENCE in neon.

  5. well, i thought you looked fantastic in boston, but i'm glad to hear living in denver is doing these wonders/acting like some kind of magical permanent salon. (what is it with boston? how can it be both the muggiest city i've ever lived in, and the only one where my lips seem to chap immediately?)

  6. Awwww, thanks NG. I read somewhere that the NE can wreak havoc on your skin because the humidity changes so much (from winter to summer and also indoors vs. outdoors)

  7. Glad to hear you're having adventures! I'm missing you both back East.