Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Anybody have any homegrown treatments for tinnitus? Anecdotal evidence accepted, no FDA approval required.


  1. how timely-i am currently researching hyperacusis and tinnitus these past couple of days. i wonder if listening to pink noise would help?

  2. Just rescued your comment from spam, not sure why it got filtered. I have never heard the term "pink noise"! Will Google.

  3. What a nasty affliction, especially for a poet. I'm sure there are some good metaphors in it somewhere. There are so many variables. Do you take a lot of ibuprofen or aspirin? Did it begin when you hit your head? Anaemic? Have you been to the doctor about it? Have you reviewed your medication? High anxiety levels? How's your hearing? Does it interfere with your sleep? Obviously I don't intend for you to answer these questions here. If you haven't been to a doctor you should go. If there's "nothing wrong with you" try cutting out caffeine, using something other than aspirin or ibuprofen, and the pink - or white noise machine mentioned above. A doctor first, though.

  4. It's actually my boyfriend's tinnitus, not mine. It's been an intermittent problem for years and yes, he has seen doctors, but they haven't been very helpful and we haven't been able to determine a cause. Lately it's been so bad it interferes with his ability to work. To make matters worse, his health insurance is crappy. It's a conundrum.

  5. try Niacin capsules, preferably Niacinamide; look at a Niacin complex tablet called Nutri Chol-less—

    and also try Ginko Biloba capsules. . .

    (add vitamin C which seems to help)

    if they don't work, try Lipo-Flavonoid Plus (brand name)

    ... I've had it for years, and the compounds listed above have been effective in my case—


  6. Did you hear the NPR story about it a month or two ago? It was about a kind of noise therapy that has brought some people relief. Exterior noise/interior noise. Sounds strange, but....

  7. My friend Kathy just mentioned that to me, but I didn't hear it. I've heard there are special noise-cancelling hearing aids you can get. I was looking specifically for "homegrown" solutions due to cost limitations and a need for immediate relief ...

    I'll try to find the NPR thing online, thanks!