Monday, November 21, 2011

If anything it gets worse

I finally finished The Unconsoled. Apparently there are very few online reviews of it (didn't we have the Internet in 1995?), so people keep commenting on this one five-year-old blog post about it. This comment made me laugh and laugh:

I found the film Remains of the Day so boring that I haven't bothered to read the novel. The first book i read by Kazuo was 'When we were Orphans' and although I enjoyed the book I was disappointed with the ending. His memory was so unrealistic and unbalanced that I expected him to spend his final days in the country in an aslyum not in a rose covered cottage. I loved 'Never Let Me Go. I was looking forward to reading more. It was really brilliant! The kind of book I am sorry to finish and feel at a loss without. But then came 'The Unconsoled'. My friend said, 'it is readd a great book, very enjoyable'!!! A hundred pages into I called her, 'Does this continue like this or is there some revelation about what is happening? It is driving me MAD. Is he a in the middle of a breakdown? Are these people real? Are they all inmates of a lunatic aslyum that he calls the hotel? Is Stephan himself? Are there many versions of himself? Is Boris really a child and his child? What the hell is going on?? Is there ever a concert? Is he really a pianist?? AHHHH!!! She sai, 'If anything it gets worse, but I really loved it.' I did what I have never done before in my life I skipped pages and scanned it to the end and read the final three chapters, more madness, legless drunk with an ironing board!!! breakfast obsession everywhere, LET ME OUT!!! All you insane fans may you all be locked up and enjoy your madness together!!! 

I also found someone who theorizes that Ryder has dementia, which makes a lot of sense. Now the party of deciding what to read next. Maybe The Member of the Wedding?

I made this mac 'n' cheese last night, with the following alterations:

  • Ricotta instead of cottage cheese
  • Dijon mustard instead of mustard powder
  • I threw in several handfuls of baby kale when I stirred it all together
  • I of course used my favorite gluten-free pasta (which I can't find here and have to order in bulk from Amazon, like a boss)
  • I cooked the pasta first and only baked it for half an hour

Results: tasty. Really, it's hard to screw up mac 'n' cheese as long you use tons of cheese.


  1. Ooh, you should post that altered recipe - sounds fantastic! I use ricotta and cream cheese when baking cheese items too - they seem to bother me less than regular cheese.

  2. I have a book suggestion. Send me your snailmail and I'll even get you a copy ; ) (

  3. I like the sound of that! I'll email you now.

  4. Exciting news: Martin is reading THE UNCONSOLED now, per you recommendations/pleas for people to discuss it with. I plan to read it when a) he is done with our copy and b) I am done reading REMAINS OF THE DAY.

  5. That is exciting. My secret dream is that Martin will blog about it.

  6. Tell him your secret dream and perhaps it will come true. Perhaps even in less than 8,000 words.

  7. I'll be looking out for it in 2012.

  8. That's our favorite gf pasta, too--so much better than the other six or so we've tried. But we can't find it in Lincoln, of course.

  9. Trey, yes, it's the only one that has a taste and texture similar to actual pasta! I think the potato flour is key. I recommend ordering it from Amazon.