Wednesday, November 9, 2011

John Gallaher recently did a post of "ten-second books" (four-line poems consisting of the first two lines of the first poem and last two lines of the last poem from a book of poetry). Here's the ten-second version of That Tiny Insane Voluptuous (my collaborative book with Kathleen Rooney):

Where did I leave my bracelet? Imagine
a world without wrists, is my next thought.
Forget what I said before. This is
all I've got. There isn't anymore. 

Here's the ten-second version of The French Exit:

It starts here, where you begin
remembering. (How else could it begin?)
(If he's mine,
why can't I keep him?)

I love when it forms a semi-coherent "poem," but what especially surprised me was that my first and last couplets both contains parentheses. I don't think of myself as a very parenthetical poet, though I do love a dash.

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