Friday, November 18, 2011

The bluest eyes in Texas

Justin Marks edited an all-poetry issue of Barrelhouse. It contains poems by some of my favorites: Ana Bozicevic and Heather Green (translations of Tzara).

I did something really stupid yesterday. I started running the kitchen sink to soak something, then I got in the shower. When I turned the shower off I thought, "Why do I still hear water running?" You guessed it, it was running all over the kitchen floor.

Today is John's birthday. Just call him Old Blue Eyes.

I watched one of my favorite movies this week, High Society. It sounds like a stoner movie (a la Half-Baked), but it's actually a remake of Philadelphia Story with musical numbers (written by Cole Porter). I'm not sure I can explain why I love this movie so much, but it probably has something to do with Grace Kelly's arms.

Is that not the most fabulous dress you've ever seen?

Speaking of blue eyes. I don't understand why people get wound up about Ryan Gosling. It's like they've never seen Paul Newman.

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  1. Thanks for the link! Justin did a great job curating the issue. We're excited to get it out in the world.