Friday, February 24, 2012

What is the point?

This scene in My So-Called Life, where Rayanne is quizzing Brian on the mouse experiment, and finally asks "What is the point?" (It happens in the first minute; sorry, embedding is disabled.)

Every now and then, I have a kind of nihilistic breakdown, and I ask myself that question about ... everything, pretty much.

Luckily, it passes.


  1. I get the same way. It passes, and I think that is the point. :)

  2. It's funny, because I'm a basically happy person. An old friend of mine once called me a "Smihilist."

  3. Rayanne remains a top girl crush... ... that's the point! :)

    (I always get that feeling when something big and social is about to happen, so I feel ya. I'm not leaving my apartment this weekend because I'm starting to get anxious and what-does-it-all-mean-teary-eyed just standing in check out lines.)

    PS- are you coming to the Rose Metal thing on Thursday at which I will also be reading? Because IF SO!

  4. Do we finally get to meet?? You should email me your number so we can text-ezvous...

  5. Yes!! I am reading last there bc I'm coming from another awesome one where I'm reading first (alice blue/bloof/coconut) so if you leave early I will send the wolves after ya! ;)

  6. Well now I'm even more bummed that I had to cancel my trip. Hopefully we can all hang out another time.