Thursday, May 31, 2012


I just wrote in a comment that I could do a whole post just of favorite Stevens lines (but, as Sarang replied, it would be almost too easy). I could also do a post of favorite lines from poems I published in Absent. This poem from Absent 2 cracks me up every time:


You will hardly know who I am or what I am but I shall be of good use—
I can lay around on a couch like none of your business, I make a good rug.

Reading great poetry makes me want to get up and do something with myself,
but it never works out, I inevitably spend the entire day rolled up like a taco in the rug.

You are the shredded beef of my heart, the lettuce of my cool desire;
you’re the little bits of tortilla chips that I brazenly sweep under the rug.

And if, my sweet, I grow bow legs one day and lose my lovely hair,
no orthopedic shoes, expensive wigs for me please, just an indoor/outdoor rug.

Keep the washboard and the jug, I’m only writing love poems this October.
The silence will be comical, the kisses will be deep as a bug in the rug.

Listing lies is heavy work, so I’ll just say I’m sorry and hope you’re kind enough
to ignore the lump that is my body in hiding, shaking under the rug.

If you’re quiet long enough, all you hear is birds and traffic,
the peace and goodwill of fenderbenders and birdcalls spreads out like a Persian rug.


  1. Yes this is excellent, also wins "best taco in a poem" award.

    1. To write: "The Golden Taco and the Leaden Taco," in the manner of Hopkins,