Monday, May 14, 2012

Things I have tweeted this month (presented without comment)


  1. The first tweet made me reconsider my first comment because 1) it might not have a point and 2) because I don't think I can articulate it well, but in the spirit of giving comments:

    Is there any other reason to feel guilty in reading a book other than it reflects you (or your actions, etc)? I once felt guilty while reading a Sri-Lankan story entitled "Ullswatter" by Romesh Gunesekera.

    With the trying hard issue, I wonder if this is amplified by the Internet. I don't know--in the 50s, do they really give a damn with it?

    1. That first tweet, upon reflection, like most tweets, is probably overstated. I mean I wouldn't mind if someone left a comment just to say "I love you." Though I guess even that is a point of sorts. Mostly I was objecting to unintelligible blathering of the vaguely angry sort.

      The guilt seemed to derive from my believing it was dreck but tearing through it anyway. Normally if a book is total dreck I'm not compelled to finish it. It's one of the worst books I've ever finished of my own accord. I guess I'm saying I'd much rather watch bad TV than read a bad book.

  2. The rules of traction: First, have bones. Second, articulate them.

    Trying too hard?

  3. "I was asked to read at AWP, but I don't negotiate with terrorists."



    Hmmm... to read a bad book, or watch bad T.V. Oh, what to do, what do to? Decisions, decisions.