Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amazing hiccup cure

I almost forgot to tell you this wonderful story: Last week, my friend Kate was in town visiting me, and we were walking back from dinner (with local poet-man J. Michael Martinez), and I had the hiccups. J. Mikes said, Hold your breath. But of course that didn't work. I was hiccupping and hiccupping, and I didn't have any water. (My usual cure is to drink from the opposite side of a glass.) And then Kate turned to me and said, "How about this: I'll give you five dollars if you hiccup again." Not if you don't hiccup again, but if you do. I turned and looked at her in astonishment. And my hiccups were gone.


  1. My cure for hiccups is to be punched in the stomach. And I can't switch to your remedy, it takes all the astonishment away.

  2. My 8th grade science teacher did the same thing. I had the hiccups in class. He offered to give me 50 cents and let me go into the teacher's lounge and buy a soda if I could hiccup again. To my surprise, I couldn't.

  3. "When money doesn't talk, it swears." (B. Dylan)

    It's been a long time since I had the hiccups, though when I've had them I've normally either held my breath or I've drunk water, and that's generally stopped them.

    I've also found it effective just to breath steadily and evenly in long deep breaths several times.

    The home medical book I've used for reference for many years recommends getting rid of hiccups by lying on your back across a bed, with the upper part of your body hanging backwards off the bed. I haven't tried that myself, though the idea of it is that it apparently relaxes the diaphragm muscles. (Similar to the notion of holding a child upside down to get rid of their hiccups.)

    1. It seems I am almost never home when I get the hiccups, and beds are short supply...

  4. This method has long been employed by a family of friends (friends who are all siblings)! It's so frustrating and marvelous at the same time.

  5. Whenever I have the hiccups I just read this article again and they stop every time!