Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everyday Genius

I am guest-editing Everyday Genius for the month of August. Every weekday you'll find a new, awesome poem or poem-like object. My first selection is up today: "Sea Reliance" by Chris Nealon. Here's a bit of his poem:

Andrew! Tell me what poetry should be about –
I have a list of band names that comes close  
A note in my notebook says, if your poems are based on optimism about people you are fucked 
But I don’t believe it

22 more shards of brilliance are waiting for you from living geniuses like Darcie Dennigan, Kirsten Kaschock, Ben Mazer, Dan Magers, and lots more. I hope you'll be reading.


  1. Is this from one of Nealon's books?

    1. Nope, new/unpublished (until now) poem.