Monday, September 16, 2013

A few things

Kathy and I have new poems on the Internet, two at Banango Street (both ekprastics: "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and "After a Photo by Vivian Maier") and a suite of five at Nailed ("Some Notes on" the Weird/Snobbery/Loss plus two whiskey poems). The Notes poems are from our new chapbook.

Kathy, my longtime friend and collaboratrix, recently joined Twitter, and this weekend penned this tweet which was RT'ed over 1600 times:
I've been tweeting the wrong things!

This a.m., she tweeted a link to an NYT Q&A with Earl Sweatshirt, who has interesting thoughts about Twitter and poetry:

While you were in Samoa, your whereabouts were pieced together by fans and bloggers. Did it make you worry about how much information is available online?
One day I hope to not have a Twitter, to be sick enough that I don’t have to use the Internet. But since we came up online, I have to be online. Twitter is a real addiction, like the color of it, the process of it. 
Your parents gave you the middle name Neruda after Pablo Neruda. You can see why people are curious. 
Yeah, it just happens to be that people like to associate poetry and rap music. I think that idea is kind of corny. I think rap music is rap music. I mean, are there heavy writing aspects of it? Absolutely. In a sense is it poetry? Yeah. I’ve heard that so much, growing up in a house with poetry. But I think people like to use that as a shortcut for who’s good and who’s not. It’s like the word “lyrical” — “lyrical” is the worst word in the entire world. 
So it’s not a shocking concept that rap could be poetry.
It’s actually so familiar that it’s annoying


  1. "the moon, pink as umbrellas": I'm thinking Nick Drake instead of Michel Legrand.

  2. A secret wish of mine has been that I might someday tweet something worth your blogging about it. Wish = fulfilled. Also? That tweet now has official haters/debunkers. The internet is a thrilling and bewildering place:

    1. Nice link curation, you're the new Boing Boing!