Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hell Is [listening to your own] Other People [podcast]

Brad Listi interviewed me for the Other People podcast, which is one of the few podcasts I have actually listened to and enjoyed! (That is to say, I don't listen to a lot of podcasts, not that I think all podcasts blow.) It was fun talking to him, probably too fun because we just shot the shit for an hour and listening to it made me feel like a boring person who says "um" and giggles too much. But if you're into podcasts and/or eavesdropping on other people's conversations, you can listen to it here. Below is a semi-exhaustive list of the topics we touched on:
6:30 Have I purchased marijuana legally yet?
8:40 Why did I leave Boston and move to Denver?
13:12 The importance of "starter friends"
14:10 Why neither of us is on Facebook
17:20 El Paso as exemplar of Border Town
19:48 Violence in Juarez
23:01 The Tarantinozation of violence
24:44 Are my parents literary folk?
26:20 Being a "gifted" kid
27:25 My programmer brother
28:48 Rice University
29:29 What I wanted to be when I grew up
30:13 Linguistic breakdown of the "Swiffer" brand name
31:20 The not-awesome economy of '02
33:50 Was I an academic nerd?
35:14 My diminishing ambition
36:30 Did I go nuts in college and do a bunch of drugs?
37:15 My one B in college
38:08 How coding is like writing a novel
40:10 Anne Carson
41:03 Influences and pretend influences
41:30 Internet as influence
42:50 Twitter as fragment archive
44:00 Appropriation and attribution
45:00 "I vote every day by not having children"
46:30 "Stitching," Google, and Wikipedia
48:40 Is the Internet a primary component of my work?
51:50 Twitter as idea testing ground
52:45 What is an aphorism?
55:55 Input vs. output
57:25 Poetry binges
58:15 Parallel universes
58:29 Consensus
1:02:00 Writing process
1:03:26 Choice vs. accident
1:04:25 Shit-talking the New Yorker
1:05:40 Are you supposed to thank reviewers?
1:07:05 The ethics of writing about friends and acquaintances
Thanks to Brad Listi for having me!

P.S. If you're some kind of stalker or completist, you can also listen to an interview I did with Ian Hill, a student at CU Boulder. We talked less about drugs and more about writing, if you're into that kind of thing.

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